PSX Series Platinum Heavy Duty Friction Stay

The PSX Platinum Friction Stays are manufactured in 304 Austenitic Stainless Steel to ensure maximum corrosion resistance with solid core spin reveted components for geometric accuracy.



  • Solid core spin rivets for balanced frictions between stay arms to ensure geometric accuracy
  • The sliding channel is a double rolled square profile to provide accurate travel of the friction shoe
  • Geometry of the arms ensure that weight is distrubute evenly onto two points of the friction foot to provide balanced and constant pressure when operating the window
  • All arms are manufactured in solid 2mm bar thickness and are indented at particular locations to provide additional strength
  • Non-handed stays are designed to enable ease and flexibility in fitting sizes 8, 12 & 16
  • Handed designs are for larger sashes to assist against negative pressure in high wind loading applications (sizes 20 & 24)

Friction Stays