DS3000 Tumut Sliding Patio Door Lock

Tumut Twiin Sliding Patio Door Lock 


Cover Material

Stainless Steel

Product Codes

DS3000 Double Lock Set (Int. & Ext. cylinders)

DS3001 Latch Set (no cylinders)

DS3002 Lock Set (Ext. cylinder only)

DS3005 Lock Set (Int. cylinder only)

DS3008 Dummy Set (no cylinders)

External Handle

DS980 - with cylinder

DS891 - no cylinder


Both C4 pin and disc cylinders available.

Both cylinders are standard and OneKeyTM compatible


DS3006 is standard. See keeper/chassis chart for optional keepers


Stainless Steel:

Polished Stainless Steel


DS3123 - 4.5mm packer available

Ordering Procedure

Lock or latch/ External Handle/ Keeper/ Finish/ Cylinder

e.g. DS3000/ DS890/ DS3066/ Finish/ Pin or Disc

Twiin Point Locking