DS2010 Alpine

Alpine Sliding Patio Door Lock

The Alpine Patio Door Lock is a sleek and contemporary handle, which will add value and aesthetic appeal to any sliding door suites.

The narrow style design means no ‘over the glass’ handle intrusion.


  • Two 316 Stainless steel hook tongues provide maximum security
  • Fits standard industry hole pitchings
  • Available with pin and wafer cylinders
  • Indicators for locked and unlocked
  • Anti crash feature to avoid damage to hook tongues and keeper
  • Easy to adjust striker system provides 5mm horizontal and 8mm vertical adjustment
  • Available in eBlack, Coastal Silver and standard powdercoat and Mill Finish Black
  • Available with T3 anti-corrosion finish,tested to 1000hrs salt spray test – consult representative

Product Options

DS2010 Double Lock Set (Int. & Ext. cylinders)

DS2011 Latch Set (no cylinders)

DS2012 Lock Set (Ext. cylinder only)

DS2015 Lock Set (Int. cylinder only)

DS2018 Dummy Set (No cylinders)

Two Point Locking